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    Hey, two questions

    First, for an arm bar I've been taught to get one of the arms, wrist control, circle the head and sit/arch into him. The problem is that as the top guy this position is extremely uncomfortable to me (shoulder feels like it's getting twisted up), and much more importantly, my grip on the wrist in this position is dumb easy to break out of after, which is the "whole move". Is there some way you're supposed to do it that prevents this? Also, are there other things I can do from the armbar? I have tried I think it's called reinforced armbar, where I reach under and grab the wrist of the arm being barred and try to tilt. I can do double bars and reverse bar arm pretty good. This is a bit important to me as when breaking a guy down I often get into an armbar without really trying, reaching around his arm and pulling it in if arm chop isn't working, and it would be a shame if I just have to let it go whenever i get it.

    Second, what is the navy/navy ride and how do you do it?

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    Navy ride:

    Your opponent sits out in front of you. You slide your head along his right side and put your left ear on his belly. Your left arm is around his waist and with your right arm, you lace his legs, that is, go over his right leg and scoop up his left leg behind the knee. At this point, you should have your right elbow solidly on the mat, and your right arm in an "uppercut" position with a fist.

    From here, you can lift his left leg high and step under it with your right leg so that his hips are in the air supported by your right thigh and your right foot is solidly on the mat. If you can't lift it, you can reach around front (on the near side) with your left hand and lock your hands around his left leg and lift it high (it's legal to lock your hands around one leg, but not both). This is called a Navy stack-up. From here, look for back points, or a cradle if he turns away from you, or a half if he turns into you - keeping his left leg in all cases.

    Of course this works just the same from the left side if that's where you find yourrself.
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    The Stack
    Get an arm bar and a wrist than come out to the side so all 4 knees are in one line. From here you can roll him over or step over the head and figure four the head

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