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Thread: Any advice at upper weight class

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    I am having some problems this year wrestling that i never have had befor or ran into, either because I changed the way i wrestle or some other reason I cant think of. My problem is shooting. I wrestle 189, I am deffently not the strongest 189 wrestle in my section at all but I am very fast when I am fresh and ready to wrestle but it seems at this weight everyone and there mother is getting into tie-up's. I need some advice or help on how to shoot in on wrestlers who only seem to tie-up and contorll my head while trying to throw or tip me. I just cant seem to get in for a shot while they are tied up with me. Any advice anyone can give me? Anything would be much appreceated. Thanks in advance.

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    This is my first year wrestling and i'm 215, and I'm also having trouble with what richgee is having.

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    The two of you both need to work on pummeling, this will help you get out of tie ups and to also not be controled if they do tie up with you. If your opponent is using an under hook then you have a firemans carry, high crotch, or hang sinlge to take them down with. if you work on your pummeling then u can pummel and get your own under hook, which will open up moves like the high crotch, hang single, single, duck under, knee tap, ankle pick, head snap into a cement mixer and many others. Your def going to have to get more comfortable at tieing up, and this just takes some drilling and patience. If you want to keep them off your head then a good stance, and hand fighting will help, if they are reaching or coming at you hard then you have plenty of options, like low single, duck under, headlock, arm drags and many others. If you would like me to go over any of these moves with you then i can in another post. Also try some Greco Roman in the summer, that will def help you with upper body moves and counters.

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    If you don't want to tie up, don't tie up. Learn to shrug off your opponent's hand if they clap it on your head, or grab their wrist and control it. Get your oponent moving, then use your speed to shoot in. If you want a great world-class example, look for John Smith videos. He was great at avoiding the tie-up and using speed and movement to score.

    DBOZ also gives good advice, even if you'd rather not tie up you still need to be competent in that position because sometimes your opponent will manage to tie you up. Learn to fight out of the tie and back into a position advantageous for yourself.

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    Most neutral wrestling is from the collar tie when you are that heavy--so you should really get comfortable from that position. It is going to be incredibly hard to avoid it at your weight.

    However, if you are uncomfortable in that position, you can always Russian out of it. To do so, you will need a strong grip. Working from the Russian is a great thing to be able to do and from my experience you don't see it too much in HS, so you could really have an advantage if you get really good from the russian tie.

    Also, when someone reaches out an arm to tie up with you, you can arm drag. Or you can just start to arm drag and then just grab their wrist with your swatting hand instead of reaching across your body with your other arm--I always liked that, and then you can use that hand control set up a nice high crotch or whatever shot you like. This will make good use of your quickness, too...

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    i love u rich gram!

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    I wrestle 215 and have the luxary of being very strong but also very fast and athletic for the weight class so i choose to use the latter to my advantage.

    Off the whistle i often grap onton my opponents head in a collar tie then jerk it down ass hard as possible. If your opponents head goes down with you go for a ankle pick if he is hyped up he will try and pull out hard just blast double him. Most upper weight kids suck and arent able to belly out in time and you can go feet to back you you commit to the double and explode through.

    I happen to also be 6"8 so those moves are good for me but if you dont feel those will work for you try a slide by(grab your opponents wrist with your opposite hand, pull them toward you, grab their tricep then spin to the back) straight into a five point or mat return or if you are able to take out his legs into a tilt.

    Also work on the inside trip which im sure your coach can teach you as a great feet to back that i use right into pins and if a kid gets a underhook on you and drives in let him oush you then drop back( sit in your chair) to the side thats not underhook and throw him over the underhooked side(n ot sure about that but try it in practice and you will see which way feels right).

    good luck bro

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    Ah the tie-ups. My friend Pat never ties up unless he wants to. He has the world's BEST duck-under I swear. It's a good idea to use that to avoid tying up with someone. Another good thing to do is like they said, pummel your way into getting a good hold. If you don't like the collar n elbow, well, don't.

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