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Discuss Are underhooks still effective against taller opponents? at the Technique & Training Questions within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I'm 5' 5.5" and I'll be at 120 next year. Underhooks are becoming one of ...
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    Default Are underhooks still effective against taller opponents?

    I'm 5' 5.5" and I'll be at 120 next year. Underhooks are becoming one of my main setupsbut I'm afraid it won't be as effective against taller wrestlers. Also, what other moves are good for shorter people?

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    Default Re: Are underhooks still effective against taller opponents?

    I find underhooks effective against mostly all of my opponents. A good move that I always found works on taller wrestlers is a high crotch, which is easy to set up from an underhook. I find it mostly effective since I am already in a good position to hit a high crotch when the opponent is taller than me, because my center of gravity is low. What you should do is, circle away from the underhook and get him to step. As he is stepping, change your levels. As soon as his foot hits the ground, throw the underhook over you and take your shot.

    A move I like to chain off this underhook-high crotch is a low single. Often times, after I've hit this once or twice in a match, the opponent will be wary and ready to downblock as soon as you shoot in on your high crotch. So, I have the underhook, and I set my high crotch up like normal. I level change and penetrate as soon as he steps. At this point, he will downblock the leg I am shooting at and step that leg away. Now, since one leg is in the air, the other has all of his weight on it, so I drop in on a low single on that leg. They normally go down immediately since the leg they had all their weight on is now collapsed, but if not, I just transition into a dump.

    It's a really neat series that has allowed me to get in on the leg of everybody that I have executed it well on, even my coaches. It works because you really have two choices - if he doesn't step the leg away, then you have the high crotch. If he does step the leg away, you have the low single. Their only option is to sprawl both legs back as soon as you level change, but when they get that paranoid, I just use a fake level change and then jump on them with a front headlock as soon as they sprawl.

    So, in conclusion, yes, underhooks do work against taller guys. Some other moves I might look into off an underhook against taller opponents are duckunders, boot scoots, and a snapdown to a front headlock. WARNING: Any move you hit on a taller guy, whether it's off an underhook or not, FINISH CLEAN. Do not allow them to use their leverage and scramble with you - it is one of their best weapons when utilized correctly.
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    Default Re: Are underhooks still effective against taller opponents?

    If you are wrestling a taller guy in an underhook, use it to pull your opponent down to your level. It will make them uncomfortable and sets up a lot of attacks.

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