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Thread: Wrestling taller guys

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    Default Wrestling taller guys

    How do you do it? In neutral specifically, though on the mat tips are appreciated too. I find their legs are usually too far to shoot on, and if I approach too close I'm opening myself up too much for their throw/shot. Tying up too, their ankles and leverage are too far to reach. What can you do to take down taller wresters?

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    The secret is to get taller.

    Just kidding lolz, I really don't have much to say as I am one of those taller wrestlers so I don't have any experience on wrestling taller guys.

    But you have to understand that being shorter also has its advantages. It allows you to have more muscle mass in a weight class therefore being stronger and it gives you a lower center of gravity which proves harder for your opponent to take you down.

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    Default Re: Wrestling taller guys

    Try working more from the collar tie and pulling them down to your level. In high school I wrestled with a guy who had pretty short arms and he could hit a crazy good slide-by, so that might be worth giving a try.

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    Thanks guys, I'll try that.

    Any other advice?

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    i'm one of those taller wrestlers lol, usually as a result of being tall i'm skinnier and weaker. if you're a short well built wrestler your best bet is to muscle the guy around and move him off balance, power doubles. Another thing that catches me once in awhile is a sneaky low single

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    you obviously need to try to gain some wrist control if he gives you his arms out front, those are great for sucker drags and fireman's addition, you have the advantage of being able to change levels on might be surprised that even though his legs are longer, he may not be able to get them back before you can get in on them or his ankles...

    lastly, don't try to attack him from the front, slide step and attack from different angles...try to get to his sides rather than face on...

    if you are on top, cradles are usually out of the question for you to put on him and dangerous for him to put on you so be wary...on top you need to break him down and put in some halfs and arm-bars and get this guy might struggle getting legs in on him too but its worth trying if he isn't good at countering him warm up and see what his "go to" moves are...surprisingly, most average wrestlers will show you these...
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    I'll 3rd the power double... as a 5'7 guy wrestling in the 180's most of my opponents were taller. Snap the opponent's head or get them moving to open up the legs, then run right through them. It's fun

    Hey, it worked against the (arguably) greatest wrestler of them all

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    Pull the opponents head down towards you and then shoot low single legs and ankle picks

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