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Thread: Wrestling taller guys

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    pull, their head down, also duck-unders also work well on taller guys. I'm 5'3, and I usually wrestled taller guys at 125-130

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    I'm a tall guy, too, and I was always most susceptible to moves like a fireman's carry or a dump where a short guy's compact stature is an advantage.
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    I was a small hwt so I wrestled guys and gave up 4+ inches all the time. I would encourage you to focus on moving a lot and staying low in your stance. The taller guys will have a very hard time getting down to your level, if they do often they will bend over and wrestle on their heels. If they don't then their legs are open for blast doubles, sweep singles or a h/c. Also when you are low move back and forth a lot, make him circle with you. He'll have a tendency to "over step" and leave a leg hanging. Do not tie up and allow him to stand you up. I see this a lot. Shorter guys come in to tie and the taller wrestler stands them up.

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    I have this same problem.

    I'm just started this year, and I'm wrestling in heaveweight with two people who are both a good deal heavier, taller, and have more experience than me.

    I'm basically getting thrown around.

    Trying to find a little something extra to get them down.

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    Low ankle with a side step set up . Keep your hips low and take advantage of the fact you have a lower center of gravity and you're actually closer to the mat . Circle him in one direction then counter step with a slide step and shoot the other foot always with your penetration step to the outside . If he's circling with you and he has long legs ....those long legs are gonna be sitting out there for an ankle pick . I was short also so I learned to either blow through the tall , weak opponent or pick off from side movement the stronger tall opponent . Good Luck !

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    Get a single and switch to a double outside singles work to try to get on the inside and shoot for doubles taller guys like me have a really hard time getting up against shorter stronger wrestlers because it takes longer for me to get on both feet because my legs are 6 inches longer than they should be at my height and shorter guys have more strength to keep me down so they have more power keeping me on the mat.
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    Duckunder/slidebys are good suggestions as are blast double, but if their head/hands defense is part of the problem then this might not work.

    Do you know(or does your coach know) a John Smith low single? Set that up with fakes and motion and you'll hit it just fine. There's lots of videos of the specifics of this shot, but it is good for those lanky guys. If he's a good scrambler, however, make sure you know the different positions you could be put into.

    I personally do not like tying up against taller kids, i feel that gives them the advantage with all the leverage. Unless you're an absolute brute.
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