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Discuss How to Counter Ankle Ride at the Technique & Training Questions within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Ok so my guy is on bottom. The top guy is on right side and ...
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    Default How to Counter Ankle Ride

    Ok so my guy is on bottom. The top guy is on right side and immediately goes to the far ankle with his left hand and uses this to set up a cradle(waits for my guy to step his left foot up)

    This is pretty much all the kid does but my guy is no world beater from bottom to begin with and the kid is ranked 1st in state.

    We've tried drilling rotating toward that hand and posting it to the mat, but he's not that great at it.

    Any advice for a quick first move off of bottom that might get my guy out?
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    Default Re: How to Counter Ankle Ride

    Start with your laces flat on the mat, rather than toes curled. Tuck the foot he attacks most under your butt slightly to hide it and position yourself with your weight over it so its tough to grab.

    Then, hit a switch or extended sit out with that leg as your lead leg off the whistle - before he gets a chance to reach. His hands have to go further than your foot to avoid being controlled so it's really a battle of who gets the first most at that point.

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