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Thread: How To Gator Roll? And When to use it?

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    Default How To Gator Roll? And When to use it?

    Title pretty much speaks for itself. Thanks a million for any help, tips, and advice that you can provide.

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    Default Re: How To Gator Roll? And When to use it?

    i find its easiest to set up with a snake
    like this except when hes on his knees

    another helpful tip is to read his knees if you have him in a right handed front headlock if his right knee is down you should be able to twister/gator roll if his left knee is down snake.

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    Default Re: How To Gator Roll? And When to use it?

    I learned this move from sprawling after they've taken a shot so, when you've sprawled and have gotten into the front head lock (head and arm), this is when you determine if you shall use it or not:

    1. if their knees are far apart while they're in their base.......DON'T USE IT! but if their knees are 6 inches or closer together USE IT! reason why is because the closer their knees are the easier it is for them to tip over

    2. thrash them around a little bit while they're in the front headlock (pulling and pushing them back while still in the front head lock, etc)

    3. make sure you put all your weight in that throw!

    i learned this move in less than 10 min. and I am the best wrestler on my team at it.

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    Default Re: How To Gator Roll? And When to use it?

    its the easiest move but dangerous, i wasnt taught but saw a vid of a kid doin it and jus did it, its easy, and a good way to set it up is get in the head lock, then get an underhook on the arm and go for the cemenet job (if it works then jus pin the kid) then wen he throws his shoulder down to prevent being flipped to his back and pull at ur elbox or try to rip the hand off the chin, so wen he does this with the arm u have an underhook on u grab his hand with the hand u had over his head and span his head to the mat to throw him off gaurd and roll to the underhook side, good move but just dont get caught in it

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