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Thread: Super Duck Help?!?please!

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    So Ive been watching a lot of technique videos on how to hit a super duck,but I still cannot get it down. What I normally do is,wresle staggered,right foot in front,take a small penetration step with the right,touch the mat in front of my right foot with my right hand,just throw up my left hand-windmill it behind me at the same time,and lead through with my shot into a hi-c....what do you recommend doing so it's unstoppable,technique-wise...?thanks in advance
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    By super duck, you you mean a shrug? I've heard it described Like "a super duckunder" ?

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    before showing a super duck to the kids i coach i first teach them how to hit a 2 step duck under from inside control or elbow control. a 2 step duck is just starting the duck under and than changing direction to the other side. after they get that down for a few weeks I show them the super duck. first time is when someone post on your head and you use the windmill action with your back arm to clear the arm posted on your head. i than show them when someone grabs your wrist how to use the windmill action to duck that arm. the best example of a 2 step duck that i've ever seen is by Jayson Ness from Minnesota in the NCAA finals a couple years ago.

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