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Thread: Ankle hook ride?

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    Default Ankle hook ride?

    What is the ride where you hook an opponents outside ankle with your inside foot called? It's the one where you can stack him by going underneath with your shoulders.

    Also, does anyone know if I can find any tech videos on this particular ride?


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    Other names include a scoop, or Iowa ride or bulldog ride. You can 3/4 nelson (what you described) or better yet, make them defend the 3/4 and then pull the ankle out to a near cradle when they go flat, chop the near arm, or attack the far arm. Generally it is used today to slow down the position and establish hand control, for those struggling to follow people and get hand controls other ways. Google Iowa ride, 3/4 nelson or scoop and I would think you find some videos.

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    I already tried google, but thanks fort he reply. I figured it was more for slowing them down to work on your breakdown then to actually break them down (although you cold elevate the hooked ankle to attack their hips). Thanks.

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    this move is very effective...flatten him out while you have it,just reach back wit hte far arm,pull his leg up that you hvae hooked,now you can throw in legs...easy
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    You can use this ride to breakdown, pin, throw in legs, or like NYGriffin said to slow him down and establish hand control.

    The breakdown:

    If you like cradles this ride could be gold for you there are some examples in this video:

    This can be used in your ankle hook ride even though he dosnt hook the ankle in the video:

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