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    Default Is this a decent skill set?

    Take Downs
    - Duck Under
    - Low Single
    - Double Leg

    - Inside Stand Up
    - Set Out

    - Chop Breakdown
    - Spiral Breakdown
    - Half Nelson w/ Near Wrist
    - Cradles (a few different finishes)

    These are the main moves I've been working on and it seems fairly effective. Is there anything you guys could recommend to make more effective?


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    Default Re: Is this a decent skill set?

    Things look good. I might add a high crotch into your neutral skillset; lots of times guys are vulnerable to a high crotch but not so much a double, and once you get in on a high crotch you can just switch off to your double anyways. Another thing I'd put in as well is a slide-by. Lots of times you'll find yourself up against a guy who clamps down on a super tight collar tie from the beginning and just pushes forwards the rest of the match. Basically, what they do is sit there thinking they're wrestling and waiting for you to try and shoot through their collar tie, at which point they will snap you down and go behind. If you're a guy who knows the slide-by you'll be able to excel in that situation so that your opponent can't slow you down.

    If you're using a low single and you're pretty decent with low shots then you could probably work on an ankle pick as well; I've noticed guys who are good with low singles are also decent with ankle picks, and vice versa.

    Your bottom skillset looks pretty good. As far as top, I might try working an armbar, but that's just me; lots of times I'll see guys working and working to get a half or a cradle and it's just not there, but the opportunity for an armbar is staring them in the face. Everything else here looks fine to me, though.

    Looks like you've got a fine skillset coming along here; take some of my suggestions if you want and see if they work.

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