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Thread: Front headlock - open or closed?

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    Default Front headlock - open or closed?

    When you're in a front headlock position, do you leave it open or keep it closed? Open meaning that one hand is around the head and one is pulling up on the opponent's tricep, whereas closed means that you lock your hands around the head and arm. I have two coaches who both teach it different ways.

    I originally started with it open, since that was the way I learned it first, but now that I've learned the closed option, I've transitioned more over to that. I like it closed since it feels like I can really pinch my elbows together and crunch them in, making it more uncomfortable for them. Also, in the rare chance I get to hit a cement mixer, it makes them a lot easier What about you all?

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    They both have their place. The main risk with a "closed" front headlock is that connecting your hands can cause your arm side elbow to be controlled(last thing you want in a front headlock) Other than that it can be pretty effective. Use both and get comfortable with both.

    If I'm looking for a quick go behind just pull the head and triceps or "open."
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    Yeah, one of the things I remember about the open headlock is that I didn't really have to worry about keeping my elbow high as it happened naturally. With a closed headlock I have to constantly remind myself to keep it high so he can't try a drag on me or anything. Even if I let my elbow fall for just a second, they can trap it and keep it trapped, and it's difficult to release it from his grip.
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    Easier to choke someone with a closed headlock

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    Lol I agree with Arm-Spin, when I attended a Sanderson Family camp they taught it closed and I can hit some sweet moves from "closed" that you can't hit with and open front headlock

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    I bet those sweet movies are easier when your opponent is half conscious too

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    Why yes, yes they are haha. I wait until I almost gte a stall/stalemate then hit them get my back points fron this sitout thing you do that puts them out their back

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