Ok so here are my current numbers..




TECHNIQUE: My best thing is my takedowns. Im very quick and explosive but once an opponent reversals me or i take him down, he ends up reversing me and tilting me or doing just a simple stand up.

Last year i weighed around 150. i was going to cut to 145 but i ended up in the hospital after getting a SERIOUS staff infection. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks with tubes in my groin from the staff infection growing inside me. So i ended up missing the whole season last year. But the technique i got from was from 2 years ago. I mean i can take guys down, i constantly work at it but the two things that are lacking are my cardio and my top and bottom technique.


can i have great cardio/use all the muscle i have on my opponent for 3 straight rounds non stop, or if i attain that will i have to lose some of my strength? i mean i just gas out as soon as i take the guy down on only the first time. I also play football so i will have to start cutting after football because im not a bench sitter. im the starting tailback and my dad is trying to get me recruited for football. so its first priority. but when wrestling season comes its just as important than football, but im not as good so thats why i picked for my main thing to do football. Also, i will be attending our schools 2 days a week wrestling during the summer for more functional strength mixed in with my weight training strength. and ill get some cardio in then.

really the main thing is getting my cardio up without loosing any strength and while cutting weight beause thats what ill be doing after the season.

im also trying to get my foot behind my head for fllexibility. lol...its almost there!!!