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    I live in Fairfield,Ca and I'm interested in going to a wrestling camp but I don't know were any are or how much it cost.

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    are you looking for one strictly in california or do you mind flying out of state? if you dont mind flying you should check out one of the j rob intensive camps the navy academy theres alot in california you an just search them up
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    Henry Cejudo American Dream Camps will be in California June 28-july 2 In Montebello

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    ^ They didn't really answer your cost question, but you can find camps anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand. Just depends on the duration, quality, and reputation of the camp.

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    if you think you have this sport down pretty well,do the 28 day j robinson intensive camp....this camp will make the hairs on your chest scream with pain,but at the end,you'll be wrestling stud
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