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Thread: How would you suggest I get back in shape?

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    Default How would you suggest I get back in shape?

    Long story short, I used to be a wrestler for 4 - 5 months and I had some major losses. But the one or two times I won made me feel amazing and all the more worth it. Problem was, I was TERRIBLE at Cardio and before wrestling I was used to being home all day and sitting on the computer.

    I quit.

    Now it's 8 months later and I'm terribly out of shape. I can't run a mile, let alone 8 like I used to. Anything more than 1 exercise tires me out. Going up a few flights of stairs causes me to sweat. I've hit rock bottom and I want to get back in shape.

    One thing a wrestler has is the "wrestler's will." This one time we were doing sprints and I was dying. My ribs were hurting and I felt like puking, but I still forced myself to go on. This mindset was due to my coach yelling behind me and motivating me. Today, I don't have any of that. I'm just a big fat bump now

    I've decided to work my butt off to get back to the world of wrestling. How would you guys advise me to start getting in shape again? (I only have an hour to work out, and that is 5 AM before school starts)

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    Default Re: How would you suggest I get back in shape?

    Do lots of sprints The randy couture lifts i posted them on alot of other one because it will kick your ass and will help alot with musular endurance do around the worlds with 45 lbs plates mountain climbers eat right and do lots of wrestling drills it will help you alot and if you want to get good at wrestling for next season you will
    Mental toughness is to physical as four is to one.

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