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    I'm very interested in learning this move but my coach isn't well versed in these kinds of things. Can anyone give me intricate details on how to pull off the move, and if this move sets up anything else? I also tried searching up videos both on this site and flowrestling but couldn't find any. If anyone could post some vids that would be nice too. Thanks.

    EDIT: Not the one with the underhook, looking for the one where opponent collar ties.
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    this what your looking for?
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    No, but thanks anyways. The one I'm looking for is when your opponent collar ties and you shuck him by.

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    I think you're describing what i call a "slide by." There are different kinds of slide by type maneuvers.

    The one thing that i stress when i show this is that it is not a duck under. So an exagerrated level change is not needed at all, and this is a move that is used with momentum, primarily off of the other guys pushing.

    The verson that Tony uses he posts his left hand inside Hudsons bicep and when hudson pushes Tony pulls the arm by while he looks away. YOu have to keep your collar hand tight after pulling him by and you end up in a standing claw type of ride where you would want to.

    As I'm typing this I just found some great videos from Ken Chertow that will be invaluable and much easier to understand than my pages and pages of typing. After you watch these videos and have any more specific questions let me know. Shoot me a PM if you want.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Ken Chertow Training Video - Slide By[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- Ken Chertow Clinic - Another day of slide bys[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- Ken Chertow - Underhook, knock by, slide by, pull by, throw by.....[/ame]
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    one thing that me personally have noticed is rather than putting your hand on the triscept. Use you forearm and put it under there triscept behind there elbow. idk y but for some reason it seems to work better for me as well as the gym i went to mma with for the summer. But ya like he said when they push you step with that side leg while looking away to get behind them. if the guy doesnt expect it it can be extremely effective. oh and also the arm you have a collar tie on i liked to keep it tight, but when you feel their arm leave your neck grap thr wrist on that side for a cross wrist. they wont go down right wen you get there back, but they are open for a good hip toss from the back, and sinse you have their wrist they wont b able to brase themselves for the impact.

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