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Thread: How can u get a explosive double leg?

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    Default How can u get a explosive double leg?

    How can u get a explosive double leg?My double leg is ok but i feel like if i was a little but more xplosive and stronger that i could finish i better. what workouts should i do?

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    Default Re: How can u get a explosive double leg?

    Well, from a technique perspective make sure you have a really good and low dropstep. Your back leg will be your power leg. Drill your dropstep a lot.

    From a work out perspective make sure you strengthen your posterior chain, but for a blast double really you want strong hamstrings/quads/glutes. I.E. Hack squats, regular squat, leg press, etc. Explosive types of lifts.
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    Default Re: How can u get a explosive double leg?

    Do Cleans Squats Rows front Squats Calf Raises nd dead lifts those will ll do your double legs and work on Grip Strength thats what you need for double legs and build up your upper body too for on the mat but legs is the most important for double legs and everything else is second
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    Make use of elastic bands in your training.

    Either get a partner to hold the band or find a way to attach the band to a stationary object, loop the band around your waist and then hit x number of shots.

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    Default Re: How can u get a explosive double leg?

    Technically speaking, listen to what VAIS mentioned, and make sure you drill your set-ups well so that you shoot in one quick and fluid motion. Without knowing how strong/explosive you actually are, I can say that there are people that are weaker than you out there who hit the double more explosively (or appear to hit it more explosively) because they have great technique.

    That being said, I advocate bringing up your back+front squat, and clean numbers. Aside from that, short distance sprints and/or plyometric work will help supplement the lifts. If your numbers go up in those, chances are you're developing explosiveness (of which the clean is a particularly good indicator).

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    Default Re: How can u get a explosive double leg?

    Run through your opponent, Don't stop at the shot. Try hitting him in the chest, just below his solar plexus - tap the back of the knees and just keep running.

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    one thing you can try is strap weights around your body or legs and drill your doubles. keep doing it and later add more weight. at end of your practice take them off and see if it makes a difference.

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    Default Re: How can u get a explosive double leg?

    The set up is the most important aspect of a double leg. You really need to load up your opponents weight on his toes. Watch his shoes as you move him, you'll see the heel(s) raise up slightly...then you hit him hard, shoulder into his gut, head into his side, hands cupped or locked behind his knees and turn the corner (using the momentum and your head as leverage).

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    Default Re: How can u get a explosive double leg?

    I practice my dropstep with ankle weights. Once you take them off and do a few more, you really feel lighter. Also helps with my sprawls.

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