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Thread: Ankle pick tips?

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    Any tips on the ankle pick? The one where you use his head, not from an underhook or anything. I know the basic one where you jam their head to their knee and pick them, but can someone give me tips on how to efficiently set it up or give me specific advice on getting the move etc. Thanks.

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    I think the best set up for an ankle pick is to take a step back (backward circling) with the leg across from the one you will be attacking. (i.e. If you have your right arm up in the collar tie, circle backward with the left leg making him step with his right foot.)

    As he steps, start the shot. You want to hit the pick as his foot is touching the mat because he has to chance to move it.

    I feel he best ankle pick is from the under hook because the opponent can't drag you by as he can with a collar tie.

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    I like to set up an ankle pick on wrestlers that down block. I set it up by faking a high crotch or touching the knee, once they kick that leg back to down block there other foot is stuck to the mat.

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