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Discuss Crab Ride at the Technique & Training Questions within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Can anyone tell me in detail how to do a crab ride and what you ...
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    Can anyone tell me in detail how to do a crab ride and what you can do from that position? I heard it was an effective move but I've never learned it. I tried Youtube'ing it and no tech videos showed up. I've also tried the likes of Flowrestling, still, nothing.

    Can someone fill me in here? Thanks.

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    Crab Ride is a method of riding most commonly used when the guy sits out. You can use your feet to interlock on the inside of your opponents respective ankles.

    Lot's of variations on what to do up top. Plenty of variety for working extensive series. Most common is a short under hook and half nelson.

    Keys to a good crab ride or tight grip, eliminating the gap between you and your opponent and keeping him in the saddle. Most turn points come from when the guy attempts to belly out and you cut off his angle with the half.

    Jesse Jantzen has the best crab ride I've ever seen. Troy Letters had a good one as well.
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    Default Re: Crab Ride

    crab derive is not very easy but the procedure describe here is informative and easy in use.keep it up

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