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Thread: Help! Where do I start?

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    I'm going into 7th. Love wrestling. Am the strongest in my grade. Will be 13 in 2 months. Am 5'7" and 155lbs and have no fat. I would like to start training, but don't know how. Are there coaches are teams for Jr Highers?

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    probably, say where ur from and someone on the board might kno of some coaches in that area

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    Of course. You can always just train with your high school. Check for wrestling clubs in your area
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    you can also go to and do a search for your town or state and maybe even county, followed by the words wrestling camp. some camps should pop up
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    Sounds like you have it made right now just need a good place to train. These guys have the right idea for what you need. Also now is the time its O.K. to really get into a training program so you might want to start lifting more if you want. Good luck!

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