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Thread: Techniques off of the Crab Ride

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    Default Techniques off of the Crab Ride

    Hey besides the Cheap Tilt, what are other techniques that can be worked off of the Crab Ride?


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    From top:
    Throw one leg in, then cross face him and hold his head to the mat.

    Scoot your hips down, slide your arm under his leg, swim your other arm and grab his head, and pull him in to a cradle.

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    While in crab ride get wrist control on one side, take him to the side u have the wrist and punch a half with ur other hand. You can keep it here or cartwheel over. So if u have wrist control on left, you take him to the left while punching half and jump over to land on nuthing but ur right hip. works well. easy pin.

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    the Crab Ride in my opinion is an amazing mat set-up, because of all the moves you can perform from this position. On my team we use a “pulled half” from Crab position (not sure what others call it). From the crab ride use your knee to block his close knee, and pivot your body with a half nelson. This should end up with an unfinished half on his back, which you can punch through with relative ease. Also, it’s easy to move to leg rides from crab position.

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