The groups system was not being used as much as I'd like and it was primarily because I hadn't spent the time with the layout to make it match the rest of the site.. that is fixed..

The "groups" system allows you to think outside the box a bit, giving you the ability to create fan clubs, awareness groups, event notices, team pages, and anything else you can think of.

If you have a feature you'd like to add, it will get done quickly.

Picture a tournament that currently doesn't have a forum... we give you the ability to add users and keep in touch with them all from a platform you are already very used to. Rather than emailing them everything, they are able to login and view only the information they need... and then ask you questions about it in an open forum without having to re-answer the query dozens of times.

Now picture a cause.. you've got a problem you know the wrestling community will be glad to help with, but don't want to start from scratch... in comes TWT Social Groups. Open a group, advertise it in the proper forum, and in walks a community ready to help your cause. Anyone who has asked for help from the TWT community knows the power we have in helping one another and the TWT family is willing to add to that.

As the forum continues to grow it will become more and more necessary to break off into social clics that have similar interests as yours to stay more up to date on these important topics. With TWT Social Groups you have the ability to forum these clics, manage your members, and create a special sub-forum.

More improvements are in development, however, they will remain under wraps until their release as always... sorry dark side of the force..