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Discuss With Friends Like These . . . at the Site Suggestions, Feedback, & Support within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Today I've gotten two requests for people to be on my Friends List in my ...
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    Default With Friends Like These . . .

    Today I've gotten two requests for people to be on my Friends List in my profile. I'm very pleased and flattered to have them there because I like and respect them both (as I do almost all the posters here), but I'm not sure exactly what it means to have someone on your Friends List. Please explain.
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    Default Re: With Friends Like These . . .

    Its part of the update we are doing, which spreads the growing user base across groups of interest within the wrestling community itself. Your profile allows you to connect with these friends personally on your page or in different social groups.

    Using the "friends" system of social grouping, we are able to help you find the information you want about a given topic much easier than by continuing to label the growing community all up by the title "college wrestling fans".

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