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    Why not have a forum focused on coaching and technique on here? This source of useful information is the only reason I still visit themat, and it lets me feel like the time I spend on the site has a hint of productivity.

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    The reason I've never formed an "Art of Coaching" forum is simply that theres never been a demand for it.

    I've always figured that any specific coaching related threads could fit either in the High School board, which I'm assuming is what you coach (forgive me obviously if I'm wrong), or in the Miscellaneous Wrestling board.

    I don't mean to sound callous, but personally I would need requests from more than just one person to start the new board.

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    No worries, just wanted to be one voice to start the demand, and I totally understand why it went the way of the title IX forum, even if it is important.
    BTW, I don't think it so much about where the threads can fit if I wanted to start them as it is where to find the threads that are discussing more technical aspects of wrestling. And you may not be getting the posters over here who are interested in the topic to make the demand, which is fine by me because I know where else to go if that is what I want, but it prevents this site from being a replacement for me, as it can only be a supplement without the coaching forum.

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    Just because there isn't an area strictly devoted to the aspect you're looking for doesn't mean that its off limits for discussion there. If you want to talk about aspects of coaching, by all means start the thread. We've got plenty of people here who are more than happy to share their (numerous) opinions on topics.

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    Art of Coaching will just be incentive for Big Apple to join this board...Definitely better without it.

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