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    Default Wrestling Talk logo

    Is there going to be a new logo for this site?

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    I was fine with the old one, I'll either wait until Danielle registers over here and have her bring it over, or have Schlottke put it up some time.

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    Do you want me to send it to you? Let me know.

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    Default Logo detail...

    Hey DH -- you did the logo didn't you? This is nitpicky, but I thought I'd throw it out there. Since it's a GIF, how about making the area outside the balloon transparent. It just doesn't quite look right when the background colors don't match...

    EDIT: Looked at it again -- and I realized that the current logo is taking up quite a bit of vertical space. Now I'm thinking it'd be even better if it was about half as tall and much wider... just trying to be constructive - not trying to be a critic...
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    I agree rstrong, Danielle is out in vegas, or is just getting back, and it will be fixed soon. I don't do graphics, so ya'll have to wait..

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    Just got back late last night and have a million things to catch up on, but I'll get to that this week sometime.

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    I'm having trouble finding the original PSD for the logo... sorry for the delay. I'll keep looking!

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    There is no huge rush on this, as you can see I have matched the background to the original image. Appreciate your help, Danielle.

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