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    I am wondering, hypothetically...

    Could a live television broadcast (lets say of a wrestling meet) be routed through, say a Mac, and recorded in a format that is easily and quickly uploaded to say, You Tube? If so what are the general necessary steps and implications?

    Furthermore, if the live television feed can be routed into, say a Mac, could the feed be easily routed to a website which could host it through some type of viewer for others to see?

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    Yes, it can be done pretty easily. You buy a TV Tuner for your PC (has the cable input, etc) and then you pick up a stream ripper (from there are decent free ones, but obviously more feature rich products are about $50.

    The easiest way to then make that available would be through technology called bittorrent, which makes large file downloads much simpler. If you get an itch to try this out, I'll scrounge up some reading material for you to make the process easier.

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    Default Re: Question re: Live television broadcast.

    Chances are, folks like the NCAA and NFL would immediate request removal and a block.

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