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    Anyone know why I can't download an avatar? All I get are country flag options.

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    Did you verify your e-mail address? I had the same problem until I did that.

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    I am a computer retard. What does verify mean? I did change my email address, but when I looked at my messages, I didn't see anything to verify it. When I changed it, I typed it twice on my settings page and thought that did it. I guess I did something wrong.

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    You have a Pete Rose avatar right now..
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Didn't know Petey was a wrestler...
    Maybe your verify email went in your spam folder...don't say u don't know what that is...;P

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    I just now noticed every post after my last. Someone named grimreaper is asking the same question and I tried to help. I had no idea you did it manually Schlottke. A much belated thanks! Maybe you could help the other dude. His post is on nonwrestling talk thread and my replies apparently won't help.

    And, yes KR, Pete is a wrestler. Don't you remember him throwing Bud Harrelson down at second base when Bud got mad about a hard slide? Did you forget the double leg he did to Ray Fosse to win the all-star game? lol

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