The version 0.5 release of the Workout & Diet Management system is ready for public beta. This is the first in a series of tools that are to be released into "Study Hall". Along with these tools, we will be adding workout & diet plan suggestions, food calorie resources, and other reading material to keep you healthy throughout the season.

You will notice some rapid changes over the next week while I fine tune everything, but if you run across anything (besides the spelling errors made by the coder... I'll get to those eventually.)

The log system allows you to track your weight & calories (burned or added) to both a workout and diet system as well as several other key features.

Workout Logs

The workout logs feature allows you to track the time you spend in the gym, swimming pool, bicycle, workout, practice room, or doing other exercises. Keep track of your weight before and after each workout so you know how much more weight you will need to lose (or gain!!) before that final weigh-in. You can either estimate or leave blank the calories or weight lost if they were not tracked- no big deal.

Dieting Logs
Using the dieting log system you will be able to track your progress at maintaining your weight throughout the season in a personal system, only viewable by you or people you give access to. (coach, parents, etc.) We built the diet portion of the tool to help make it easier for the weight-cutting wrestler to remember and stick to a diet plan that works in season. Rather than having to journal your daily consumption you can save it to your diet log and look it back up later in the season to view your progress.

Post to Forum
After you have created your log for the day (or morning) you can click "post to forum" and the log will auto-generate a formatted thread that will go right into the Workout's forum. No more need to customize the post on your own, the system will do it for you, while tracking everything else!