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Thread: Forced Log-in Question.

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    I visit this website from home, work and my iPhone and being forced to log-in to view a thread. It's rather time consuming and inconvenient to have to log-in and then log-out on each visit especially from my cell phone.

    I assume this is by design and wondering why.

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    We limit the viewing of threads to five (total) right now to keep the server steady for logged in members. Fight days, random google searches, and frequent "browsers" can put a heavy load on the server so to ensure the highest quality of service for the members we limit viewing to guests.

    I might be misunderstanding your personal situation, but if not- you can be logged in on both you phone and personal computer at the same time. So you wouldn't have to log out on the phone unless it is shared with someone else.

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    Out of personal habit and security I prefer to never leave myself logged-in on any device. I prefer to view/read threads and log-in only when I'm about to post.

    I'd like to offer some honest feedback...while I'm not as busy as the President of the United States I do only have a few minutes throughout the day to view/post. When I hit an error message requiring me to log-in I'm more likely to move on to another site than actually sign-on.

    It may seem petty but the requirement to log-in just to scan a few threads to see if there's a conversation I'd like to join then log-off again is hindrance sufficient to reduce my visits significantly. I might fit the "frequent browser" definition, but I still consider myself a member and user. I wish this were different but realize I must be in the minority.

    I understand why you feel this is the best direction for the site to take and appreciate the explanation.
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