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    Shane asked me to do a run down of as many of the features as I can, explaining the use of each, and how they are used... so, here goes.

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    Enhanced PM- Whenever you receive a PM, the PM box in the upper right corner of your navbar (navigation bar) will flash green with a bold red link. This is a very simple add on, which we feel really makes PM'ing easier.

    Wrestling Resources - We felt there was a lack of function in the other lists of resources, so we built our own. This function currently allows anyone to submit a link for review. All parties submitting must link back to TheWrestlingTalk using the guidelines outlined above the link submission page.

    MyWrestlingTalk (MyWT) - This is a link to my profile, but you can create your own as well. Simply click on the "Check out MyWrestlingTalk in the user information next to any of your posts, and you can begin editing your own personal page. Connect with friends, post to their wall, add photos, video, quotes, and more to this feature.

    Media Player - We built a media player directly into the forum. This allows for video feeds from just about anywhere (support for FloWrestling will be arriving shortly) to be embedded directly to a forum post. .mp3 files, .avi, .flv, among others will be embedded live into the forum just as Youtube is right now.

    Live Chat - The live chat feature is already available, but will only be used when we report from a tournament live. When the NCAAs, Big Tens, or other matches one of our members (or myself) are at are live, you will be able to login for results in real time. This feature is not meant to be a be all and end all of result reporting, but more for requesting scores and play by play.

    - The Wrestling arcade is a place for our visitors to burn time or burn off steam. Choose from over 1,000 games, compete in tournaments or just for your position on the leader board.

    Member Map - The member map is a tool used for members to add their location to our mapping software. This feature allows users to review where their forum friends are located and represent their city as well.

    Hot Topics - When you first navigate to TheWrestlingTalk, you will have several options for picking out posts to read. Your first option is always to click on the New Posts link in the navbar. This will display all new posts that occured since the last time you as a logged in viewer visited.

    TheWrestlingTalk College Wrestling Rankings
    - will be providing user generated NCAA Division 1 rankings every week, provided by you! Starting Sept. 18th, voting begins on each team and weight class, our algorithm credits each vote according to your user status within the community, and results are born. (To get in on the Beta testing over the next two weeks, PM me)

    Post Stamping - Our Moderators and other forum leaders will be using a new feature called stamping. This feature allows a forum leader to select a post as one of several "Post of the Week" threads, as a "Multimedia" thread, as a "WrestlingTalk Rankings" thread, and more as necessary.

    ...more to come.

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