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Discuss Update will run Friday, 11pm - 3am at the Site Suggestions, Feedback, & Support within the Wrestling Talk Forums; You may experience connection difficulties during this period. Here is what you can expect to ...
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    Default Update will run Friday, 11pm - 3am

    You may experience connection difficulties during this period.

    Here is what you can expect to see in the first round of updates:

    Social Group Discussion Threads

    • Messages in Social Groups are now threaded into 'Social Group Discussions'.
    • Discussion are sortable by creator, replies and last post.
    • Discussions can be filtered with a simple full text search on titles.
    • Discussions can be managed with Inline Moderation to soft delete, physically remove, approve and unnapprove them.
    • Discussions are Read Marked using both database and cookie methods, with a jump to go to first new post.
    • Users can subscribe to discussions and receive email notifications on new messages.
    • Subscribed discussions with new posts are aggregated in the User CP.
    • Individual Discussions have social bookmarking links (user defined, such as Digg, StumbleUpon etc).
    • New 'Can Always' permissions to create and view both discussions and messages, simplifying access.
    • Fallbacks implemented for non javascript users.
    • Moderators can Quick Edit social group messages using AJAX.
    • Posts are now ascending, which is more intuitive in threaded discussions.
    • Users can configure their groups so that only the group owner can create new discussion threads.
    • Moderated and Deleted discussions are aggregated in the User CP where the user has moderator permissions.
    • Moderation permissions are seperated for discussions and threads, including deletion.
    • Some extra database cleanup is performed with discussion related data when a user is merged or deleted.
    • On upgrade existing messages are moved to an initial discussion with the same name as the group.
    • Social Group info is hidden when entering a discussion or viewing pages of results to move focus to discussions.

    Social Group Changes

    • Social Groups are Read Marked using both database and cookie methods, based on new messages or discussions.
    • Mark All will read mark all discussions in a group via AJAX.
    • Social Groups can be subscribed to, adding group aggregation to the User CP.
    • Social Groups now belong to a category.
    • A group's category is displayed in the navigation breadcrumb, group lists and group info.
    • A new overview page displays a random group, your groups, new groups and groups that you created.
    • Groups that you created are navigatable via AJAX and display further information about the group, including pending members and moderated items.
    • A category cloud is displayed in the group overview with popularity weighting based on the number of groups.
    • Categories can be created and deleted and merged in the Admin CP.
    • On upgrade existing groups are moved to an initial 'Uncategorized' category, which can be renamed.
    • Groups can be filtered by category, via the category cloud or advanced search.
    • Social Groups can now have a group icon. The icon is displayed in the group info, and a thumbnail version is used in group listings.
    • Icons are displayed on the User Profile page for groups that the user is a member of.
    • Permissions control user abilities to upload icons for their groups, including file size and the ability to upload animated icons.
    • Icons can be stored in the database or filesystem.
    • A new permission can limit the amount of Social Groups an individual user can create.
    • Social Groups can now be transferred between users. The group will only be transferred if the recipient accepts the transfer.
    • Moderators with the appropriate permission can transfer any group. This is useful when a group owner becomes inactive.

    Private Message Changes

    • Read receipts are automatically accepted when a PM is replied to.
    • Thread view
    • A new Quick Reply can be used to reply to PM's.
    • A new user option is available to set the default value for 'Save Copy' which is also used with Quick Reply.
    • PM's can be ordered by Title, Date and Sender.
    • When ordered, PM's are grouped by:
      • Title - Alphabetical ranges (A-H, I-P, Q-Z, 0-9 and other) - Non ASCII chars are grouped based on transliteration where possible
      • Date - Today, Yesterday, individual day names, Last Week, 2 Weeks, Last Month, Older, etc.
      • Sender - Grouped by Sender
    • Private Messages can be filtered by Sender, Title, a given date period, and whether the message has been read or not.
    • Message Throttling. Admins can define a time period and the maximum amount of message each usergroup can send within that period.
    • Message selections are remembered over multiple pages for bulk actions (Move, delete, mark as read etc).

    Profile Privacy

    • With the appropriate permission, users can now configure which parts of their profile is visible, and to who. The configurable components are:
      • Profile Picture
      • Visitor Messages
      • Contact Info
      • Albums
      • About Me
      • Friends
      • Recent Visitors
      • Group Memberships
      • Custom Field Blocks where the admin has allowed it
    • The components can be configured to be visible to:
      • Everyone
      • Registered Members
      • Contacts
      • Friends

    • Generally information is only hidden/displayed within the user profile page with the exception of Albums which also affects the ability to view the albums.
    • Also, custom field blocks can be configured by the admin as to whether they will be included in users' privacy settings.


    • Pictures can now be moved from one album to another.
    • Album covers are regenerated when moving images if the cover is moved, or the destination album has no cover.
    • The default albums view now displays recently updated public albums.

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    Default Re: Update will run Friday, 11pm - 3am

    But 11pm-3am Friday is my primary internet surfing time!
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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