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Thread: New Format Issues Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by RYou View Post
    Remember me doesn't work. I have to sign in every time I enter.

    No button to jump forum to forum. You have to go back to the index to pick up a new forum. Time and energy wasted.

    This should be updated this week.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wiltz View Post
    Seems to work better using Firefox than IE. IE just sits there(hourglass) and I eventually have to close the site.
    What does this?

    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    I've mentioned this already but the Quote button has been misplaced as well.
    Reply with Quote brings it right into the Quick Reply, rather than taking you to a new page. Then you can go advanced if need be.

    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    I definitely preferred the efficiency of the previous layout, being able to get to different parts of site with good speed.
    We will get this stuff cleaned up shortly. I got set back a bit on upgrade because the templates that were made for this version didn't work with some of the new applications.

    Some stuff to get excited about though...

    • The Media section allows for about 20 different types of media including Youtube, FloWrestling, and Facebook.
    • The Classifieds section allows users to post ads for free to buy/sell/trade wrestling and other products.
    • The Blogs section has been substantially improved to provide better search optimization for bloggers promoting their interests (stores, camps, clubs, video system, speaking, etc).
    • The Gameroom has been added and will eventually merge into the Arcade. The Gameroom provides multiplayer gaming including live tournaments for Texas Hold 'em, Cribbage, and Chess.

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    Do we really need a gameroom/arcade? Does anyone really use that area? It seems there are too many bells and whistles here than are needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Champ Kind View Post
    Do we really need a gameroom/arcade? Does anyone really use that area? It seems there are too many bells and whistles here than are needed.
    The arcade is pretty popular actually.. in terms of time on page and unique visitors it'd be one of the top 10 features on TWT... It brings people in that otherwise wouldn't necessarily be involved in wrestling, too, so it serves a couple purposes and doesn't hurt anything.

    The multi-player capabilities were just added so it remains to be seen how Hold 'em and the others hold up.

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    Do you think that these extra things are slowing the site down?
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    Improvement sometimes is not
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    Nah. In the long run, once all of the importing is done (that is what is likely slowing the site down, if anything is... but it only imports at 1-4am) the site should be considerably more stable and faster when events are going on.

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