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    i dont get the thumbs up/ down rating feature. I tried to get wiltz's thread to not have thumbs down, but all that happened was that stars were added. I didn't see any info on this in the resources or what not...fill me in?

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    I think you only get one per thread. Somebody didn't like my joke. Did you click on the thumbs up?

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    thumbs up in the main forum isn't a button you can click on at least for me. Is there a dif. one i dont know of?

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    No, on the right hand corner of the first post in the thread. Just above the yellow box with the number.

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    There is a thumbs up and down on the initial post of each topic in the right hand upper corner.
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    interesting, i don't seem to have the feature unless i am logged out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _SL_ View Post
    interesting, i don't seem to have the feature unless i am logged out.
    the module was removed so now nobody has it.

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    I am going to play around with it so that it gives a rating based on votes (as it does now) but does not effect the position of the thread.

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