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Discuss Our First Newsletter at the Site Suggestions, Feedback, & Support within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I sent out a newsletter for the first time since opening the new board. I ...
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    Default Our First Newsletter

    I sent out a newsletter for the first time since opening the new board. I felt it was as good a time as any, since we have just passed the 10,000 post mark, and show no signs of slowing down. (I intend to display a graphical chart of our post numbers by day once the season begins so everyone can see this growth as the admins can.)

    As everyone knows, BIGGER isn't *always* better, but with the infrastructure we have in place, we are definitely capable of handling many more members, and improving your (our current member's) user experience. We have seen growth, even in the dismal summer sports months, and its going to just explode as the season draws near.

    Here is the Newsletter:

    Greetings everyone!

    I wanted to touch base with everyone to go over the current upgrades that have been made to, how they may affect you as a user, and what you will see in the near future.

    On to the updates!

    Here is a list of what we have added, and a description to follow:

    * Infobar: The Infobar is only visible when a user is not logged in, it is used to increase user registrations.

    * Ajax Registration: Ajax is a technology used to make websites more interactive. The registration process now verifies whether a username is already used, and the strength of a password.

    * Forum Feeds: These RSS feeds allow anyone with a website to display the content of individual forums on their pages.

    * Collapsible Posts: Clicking the + sign next to a post thread opens the thread immediately, without switching pages.

    * Enhanced Statistics: A major statistics upgrade visible on the front page of's lower portion.

    * PM Enhancements: You will now have a flashing box where your Private Messages are located when a new message arrives in your inbox.

    * Did You Know... : Tips are now located on the top of all forums. You can remove this option by clicking the [X] in the upper right corner of that information box.

    * diggTopic: Enables all members to post news stories directly to the news provider is one of the Top 100 largest websites on the internet, giving wrestling more visibility than ever before!

    * Arcade: Didn't know we have an arcade? Where have you been?

    * Links and Downloads: Now available under the Resources link in the Navigation bar, we are currently compiling an exhaustive list of wrestling resources.

    * Profile System: In your user information next to any post YOU make, you will see a link titled "Check out MyWrestlingTalk" this links directly to your profile, which can be edited to match your personality. This email is also a secret head start (to anyone who reads it...) about the new contest which will be starting on the 20th of August. The person with the best, and most active User Profile will receive a $100 Amazon gift card courtesy of

    * Thread Rating: You can now rate a thread with a simple vote. In the post's upper right corner (only on a new thread's first post) you ill see an area with a Thumb's Up (if you like the post) and a Thumb's Down (if you don't)

    TWT has released a Fantasy Football league, 14 members joined, and it is sure going to be a blast! Good luck to everyone!

    That wraps up our newsletter for this week. You will begin to receive more newsletters as the season comes upon us, never SPAM- only information!

    It may sound tacky, but we are glad to be part of our growing community!

    Shane Jensen and Jacob Schlottke

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    Default Re: Our First Newsletter

    Quote Originally Posted by Schlottke View Post
    I sent out a newsletter for the first time since opening the new board.
    Was I supposed to get an email or private message of the newsletter? If so, I didn't get one. If not, no problem.
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