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Discuss Making money on through Revenue share at the Site Suggestions, Feedback, & Support within the Wrestling Talk Forums; We are rolling out a couple different ways you can get paid to start discussion ...
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    Default Making money on through Revenue share

    We are rolling out a couple different ways you can get paid to start discussion on TWT.

    Google Adsense

    All you need to get started is to have or create an Adsense account.

    Once you've got that done, log in to the account and look in the upper right corner for something similar to this: pub-3948956459614 copy it.

    Now that you have that copied go into your profile here.

    Add the Pub ID (and if you want, a channel if you are using Adsense elsewhere.)

    Click save and you're off and running.

    You have a 50% chance that the AdSense ads displayed are credited to your account on threads you participate in.

    Advertising Sales

    Know somebody that would be interested in advertising on TWT? Simply click and and create the account. You will earn 15% of the first month's ad sales and 15% the following month. The third month they are active you receive 10% and the final, fourth month you receive 5%.

    If the user buys into our 125x125 ad space they pay $75.00/month (this season only, through September, at which time the price will increase to between $100 - $150.

    Your revenue over 4 months:

    Month 1|
    $75.00 - You Receive $11.25
    Month 2| $75.00 - You Receive $11.25
    Month 3| $75.00 - You Receive $ 7.50
    Month 4| $75.00 - You Receive $ 3.75

    It breaks down to about $34.00 for one sale.

    Affiliate Discount explained:

    The Affiliate Discount will allow you to offer customers a better deal by transferring some of the money you would make as an affiliate to a customer discount. If you earn 15% per purchase for example, setting the discount value to 5 would give the customer a 5% discount, while you earn 10%.

    Sign up Now

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