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Thread: TUTORIAL: Adding CoverItLive Events to TWT

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    Default TUTORIAL: Adding CoverItLive Events to TWT

    All CoverItLive Events allow embedding as part of their "FREE" service. Most events don't click the check box to create an embedding section, however, its rather easy to do here on TWT.

    When you find a CiL event, click the link called "Reader Information" or find the RSS button in the bottom right hand side of the feeder.

    Click either of those and you will receive a new window.. look at the link's address for altcast_code=2949286d63 Where 2949286d63 is the code for that event.

    copy that code number or jot it down and create your thread using this code (replacing the 2949286d63 with the code you wrote down/copied:

    PHP Code:
    [cil=2949286d63]Event Name[/cil
    cil is the code name for Cover It Live. make sure to add the [/cil] so the tag closes and you're all set!
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