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    A couple things you may have noticed:

    1) It's faster...
    2) There are missing posts
    3) "online" users numbers are lower


    1) We should be able to grow traffic by around 350% with the new system, which will likely happen in two more seasons if growth continues at it's current rate. Right now we are averaging 11,500 unique visitors daily & HSWrestling.Net is receiving 2,250. We can expect to hit 40k an run comfortably, 60+ will probably become a stretch.

    2) There are about 135,000 posts that are from old threads we have yet to transfer over... They will go into an archived folder for reference.

    3) Right now the online # is whoever was online in the last 5 minutes. If you watch a video that's 8 minutes long you are no longer considered 'online'. This is mostly important to people who do a lot of PMing so it won't effect or matter to some of you.

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the latest change, let us know. This is your community & we want to keep all of you happy.

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    Average Traffic History:

    2007/2008 - 3,500 unique/daily
    2008/2009 - 7,500 unique/daily
    2009/2010 - 11,500 unique/daily

    I'm seeing trending to expect 15k+ in the tournament season with 45-60k during the NCAAs this year.

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    I have a question of the utmost importance.... will the "Schwab and Zadick" thread be in the archives???
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