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Thread: What does the TWT Video Library have the others don't?

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    Default What does the TWT Video Library have the others don't?

    What TWT videos does that the others do not:

    • Our system allows all members to add videos (if a category is missing, request it here for now) to every category, request categories, and does not restrict advertising in the videos themselves.

    • Our system lets you create play lists for you to share with your wrestlers. Coaches- use this to build specific technique & lifting programs for your wrestlers. Wrestlers- use this to build a portfolio to share with college coaches.

    • When you add videos they display in your profile on the right-hand side for coaches and fans to see. So go ahead and add your matches from Youtube or other popular hosting services. Others only provide a small selection of 3rd parties- we accept all major video hosts.

    • Recent videos display on the forum, TWT, and HSWrestling.Net homepages for the most exposure in amateur wrestling. Over 600,000 different people every month!

    • Our system lets you pick where you want to host your videos, then you add them here. Maintain your copyright, stay with the system your comfortable with- we do the work for you.

    • Our rating system allows you to "low rate" technique and matches to have them pulled from the system for poor quality. Does something someone added completely suck? Use the "Google Rating Methodology" to remove content that is not up to par for TWT viewers.

    • Our system displays video length as an overlay so you know how much time you'll need to allot for watching. Don't waste your time. Plan your viewing based on time you have and know how indepth a video goes immediately.

    • Our system is completely free. From John Smith's low single to Ben Askren's funk- don't spend money where you don't have to- everything we've got is completely free.
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