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Thread: What are "diggs"

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    Default What are "diggs"

    What are Diggs?

    Just noticed it.

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    Default Re: What are "diggs" is a website where users can link to basically whatever they want. I don't know a ton about it but if you digg a story I think it means you can put a link on for whatever you were digging.
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    Thats about it. If a story gets enough Diggs it can make it the front page of which would in all likelihood increase traffic.
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    This feature is going to be going live in the next couple days. The idea is simple... we want to make your posts more visible to the public eye, and is one of the top 100 largest sites online (top 10 largest news sites online)

    You will see an image that looks like this: . You simply click it, if you like the story, and it is submitted to Digg. The more wrestling fans that like it, the higher it will rank on Digg... If you can get 1000 or so people to "Digg" a post, and you will see a ton of "guest" visitors browsing your forums.
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