We are updating our video system for competitions by merging it with the technique library system. You can see the preliminary stages of whats going on in there right now.

This system allows all major video hosting websites that allow embedding of videos. This includes Youtube, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, Blip, and many others. We will make a full list of sites that can be used for hosting available soon.

If you run videos on any of these services and want your views to count, don't worry- they do. By using our embedding feature, even though the player looks different you are still receiving hits on your video because it is loaded from the server of your choice.

We have decided not to include FloWrestling as a source at this time. We have verified that legally we could use their videos in the future (because they allow embedding), but at this time we have decided to forgo adding them to the system to avoid any attempted legal recourse on their behalf.

VIP users and Moderators will have the ability to add videos immediately, without being reviewed, while standard members will have their videos for events go through a review process to ensure the video meets the quality expectations of TWT videos.

The current system available through the video clip is being reassembled this week and will be available in it's entirety some time in the middle of the week next week. In the meanwhile, use the site search for any videos you need - they are still (and always will) be available at their old location, it just won't be accessible from the menu in the video section.

An embeddable player will be created for each category, so you can embed Technique series, full events, and other sections of the video system available all in one player on your site.

...and its all free.