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Discuss Slooooooooooow Evening at the Site Suggestions, Feedback, & Support within the Wrestling Talk Forums; that was confusing RYou, lots of big words. But seriously, do the math. He joined ...
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    Default Re: Slooooooooooow Evening

    that was confusing RYou, lots of big words.

    But seriously, do the math. He joined 28 months ago.

    7,000 posts/28 months= 250 posts a month

    That's 8 posts a day.

    If you came home from work everyday and got on here for 10-15 minutes,

    you could do that easily. Just because he has more to contribute to the world

    of mma and wrestling, doesn't mean you need to be jealous. It seems as if you are

    the one that needs to get a life and stop downing positive contributors to this forum.
    "It ain't about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving foward, how much you can take and keep moving foward. That's how winning is done!"

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    Default Re: Slooooooooooow Evening

    Yeah 8 posts per day on this forum. But whatever..

    I don't dislike him because he has no life, I dislike him because of his general negative disposition on everything. If he's not bitching and moaning about something, he's busy chiming in with his "glass half empty" point of view on posts that he has absolutely no insight into. But go ahead and take up for the resident downer all you want. The fact that you even mention the word "positive" in the same breathe as RYOU makes me contemplate why I even responded..

    I will not waste anymore time on this thread.

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    Default Re: Slooooooooooow Evening

    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Shirtaugh View Post
    Hyphothesize all you want with your psycho babble nonsense. But take a hard look bud, numbers don't lie. You are addicted to the internet. It's a very sad situation for you and your family. PUSH AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD RYOU
    What's wrong with being addicted to the Internet?

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    Default Re: Slooooooooooow Evening

    Schlottke I was seriously just about to start a thread titled "Jacob Schlottke Dead?" because I couldn't figure out why you'd been away so long... Good to see you back.

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