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    I've been doing some reading on Tito recently, and I'm legitimately curious what you think of him (just in general), or what the "Russian" or "Soviet" take was/is on him.

    He seems like he was a relatively interesting guy, he himself, and his relationship with the Soviets has been touched on in a few classes I've been in this year, and as I've said I'm just curious on your perspective.

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    He wasn't praised too much in Soviet Union. He was somewhat pro-Western so he wasn't considered completely loyal to Soviet Union but at the same time he was considered an ally.

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    Thats pretty much what I figured, I know Stalin hated him, but then Khrushchev kind of reached out to him a little bit, and regarded him as kind of a necessary evil.

    But yeah, his relationship with the specific Soviet leaders is something I'll probably continue to read up on.

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