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Thread: I think I might write a book

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    I feel most Jewish immigrants have an agenda when they talk about their experiences in Soviet Union. Part of the agenda lies in certain Russian resentment of Jews and part in their life experiences.

    Being a deep atheist and not a big fan of blind wealth seeking, I think I can see things more clearly.

    One big major fact is that most Russian Jewish immigrants have come from outside of Russia. They come from Ukraine, Belarus and many other republics so they feel like Russia was to blame for Communist troubles and they are jealous of Russian superiority over other Republics.

    Also many Russian Jews are narrow minded to an extent of seeking wealth that they never had so to speak.

    Finally, many Russian Jews have never participated in serious sports so they don't have the knnowledge of all the beauty Soviet Union provided for sports like wrestling.

    Oh boy, now I am in for it if quicksingle reads this.
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    Default Re: I think I might write a book

    maybe you need a woman to push into writing that book.

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    Idea Re: I think I might write a book

    Understood, Big.

    One thing I would suggest that you add, that has invariably been missing from your posts, is SOLUTIONS.

    You can pound on the problems (of free market capitalism) all you want, but any type of analysis is imcomplete without concrete and specific remedies.

    You're just a small voice from the crowd shouting "down with something or other" at the moment.

    Lets see some leadership!!

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