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Thread: $2.85 to $4.25

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    Default $2.85 to $4.25

    That's the price of diesel fuel last now compared to this year at this time.

    Guess who pays for the increase?

    I'll pobably vote for the presidential candidate who has the best solution for our country's long term energy needs.

    This is also interesting because diesel has traditional been priced significantly lower than gasoline.

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    Default Re: $2.85 to $4.25

    The only reason I think the price of diesel is crap is because it is a natural bi-product of unleaded gas. It should cost less and the supply and demand aspect would say it should cost less as well. It is a total rip off at the pump.

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    If anyone ever has a platform that expands the use of nuclear power (for domestic energy), I'd be all over it like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

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