China says it plans to increase military spending by nearly 18% this year, to 417.8bn yuan ($59bn; ?30bn).
The figure was revealed ahead of China's annual parliamentary session, which begins on Wednesday.

Just before the announcement, the US released a report criticising China's military spending, and voicing concern over advances in space and cyberspace.

China rejected the Pentagon report as a "serious distortion of facts" that could harm its relations with the US.

"It breaks international norms... We do not pose a threat to any country. The US should drop its Cold War mentality," the foreign ministry said in a statement.

In the report, Washington claimed that the real Chinese defence budget for 2007 was at least double the stated amount.

Nice we need a balance of power in the world, i think with one superpower there is a lot of danger for poor nations being attacked. When there is two military superpowers there is a much greater balance of power and this equals a safer world.
Such as Russia v Afghanistan and America v Vietnam.

We need to decentralise the worlds power away from America.