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Thread: A new Cold War on the rise

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    Like I said before, your view of democracy is different than the view of many Russians. For example, America's electoral college voting system is an undemocratic way to pick a president. Russia on the other hand has a popular voting system. The majority of the people should pick the president,rather than a few states. If we go by this logic, then Russia is more democratic than the U.S. Abu Ghrabi and Guatanamo bay has tarnished our image of a great democratic country. The recent actions by the U.S. to instigate war and agressive foreign policy is anything but democratic. If we look at Russia's foregin policy like right now, it is always in favor of more dialogue and less war. Russia has now become a mediator on the international scene as opposed to the U.S. and it's agressive war tactics. Big, I agree that Russia can't have American style democracy.
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