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Discuss The latest gov't report on obesity at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by ctc ... In Texas, the phys ed classes are a joke. Here's ...
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    Default Re: The latest gov't report on obesity

    Quote Originally Posted by ctc View Post
    ... In Texas, the phys ed classes are a joke.
    Here's some good news. Starting next year at our high school, phys ed classes will be used as any other class in compiling the students GPA. They said that too many otherwise good students weren't taking their physical health seriously because the grade didn't count in their GPA anyway.

    Freshmen take basic intro to every sport and activity. Sophomores take one semester of general PE and one semester of Health. As a junior, my son is taking Strength and Conditioning right now and will take Adventure Ed next semester. They do rock climbing, canoeing, etc. and then go camping along the Mississippi river in May.

    Now if we could only get them to establish a good intramural program...
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    Default Re: The latest gov't report on obesity

    I saw the story too and was wondering if it is really valid. Regarding health care, you got it. Everyone knows that obesity may lead to all kinds of horrible diseases that include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. All of these are incredibly expensive to treat.

    Thankfully I don't suffer from weight issues or uncontrollable appetite. I feel bad for people that are obese, but like anything in life that is worth it -- it's hard work. It takes a lot of hard work to maintain your weight and fitness. I work at it almost every day and it gets harder each year, but I do it anyway for some reason. I literally can not stand being more than 10-pounds over my original fighting weight.

    On a slightly 'off note' here, I wonder if these researchers have ever been to the Iowa State Fair? They should do some empirical observation before they release their next report!! If the ISF is any indication of people's health, we're in a lot of trouble.

    Quote Originally Posted by matclone View Post
    Some good news, there seems to be some leveling off instead of the steady growth we've seen for several decades. However, it says nothing about children, whom I assume are continuing to grow--disproportionately.

    Nonetheless, the fact is: 1/3 of American adults are obese--a serious public health issue which the article seems to downplay.

    Any of the presidential candidates who has the guts to tackle national health care, should consider and have a plan for stemming the tide of obesity. Planting a burger king or 7-11 on every corner isn't doing it.

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