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Thread: What do NJ Governor, Imus and Rutgers female basketball have in common?

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    Default What do NJ Governor, Imus and Rutgers female basketball have in common?

    CAMDEN, N.J., April 17 — Leading up to the accident in which Gov. Jon S. Corzine of New Jersey was critically injured, the state trooper at the wheel of his sport utility vehicle was driving at 91 miles per hour, the superintendent of the state police said this afternoon.

    The accident occurred last Thursday as the governor was traveling from Atlantic City to Princeton on the Garden State Parkway for a meeting between Don Imus, the fired radio talk-show host, and the Rutgers University women’s basketball team.

    Mr. Corzine was riding in the front passenger seat, the state police said, and was not wearing a seat belt, even though New Jersey state law requires that all passengers riding in the front seat of a vehicle be belted.

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    ....and he was ticketed for same - $46.

    I suspect the Gov had the seat reclined, slammed forward then thrown to the backseat where he ended up. For those that aren't aware, he's pretty banged up and remains on feeding and breathing tubes....12 broken ribs, broken sternum, compound fracture of the fibula and a cracked vertebrae. He lost a ton of blood internally and needed 7 quarts transfused. The SNJ State Police had a medivac chopper on the ground within minutes, none to soon either the Emerg docs had him 4-5 minutes from bleeding to death.

    Note he had a wicked travel schedule that day by chopper but the chopper was scratched due to weather...Princeton to harisburg for the funeral of the FBI agent killed in the line of duty in NJ, out to Hackensack, NJ up north, then down to AC and was heading back to Princeton for the RU meeting with Imus. All told that's about a 600 mile road trip.

    Oh, and it's common for the Gov entourage to do 90 on the Parkway, no it standard trip speed for him. Also, the driver of the white SUV that swung into his lane hit the Gov vehicle causing it to swerve off the road has not been cited, nor has the red pickup driver that pulled onto the road that caused the white SUV to swerve....I doubt the trooper was cited for speeding either.

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