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Thread: 6 CA cops slam and hodtie pregnant woman

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    Default 6 CA cops slam and hodtie pregnant woman


    No matter how you spin this there is no DEFENSE for these 6 policeman's actions. If this woman loses the baby I hope they all get Murder charges !
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    Default Re: 6 CA cops slam and hodtie pregnant woman

    Jesus. Some of these Cops are just frustrated little clowns who get to assert some authority and they just can't help themselves. It's absolutely pathetic. Of course most are good guys, but what the hell is wrong with the rest? And in this case, I'll bet 4 of the 6 cops wouldn't have done anything more than cuff her and wouldn't have felt the need to get physical, but they also didn't have the balls to say anything. That chick spent a lot of time on the ground with a knee in her back and her arm bent at a pretty uncomfortable angle.
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