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Discuss Divorce-An Evangelical Rethink at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by UGLY Mike what do you think about the idea of Christianity adapting ...
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    Default Re: Divorce-An Evangelical Rethink

    Quote Originally Posted by UGLY View Post
    Mike what do you think about the idea of Christianity adapting to a secular society to remain relevant. My position is that if it does try to adapt then it becomes irrelevant, to put it simply.
    Back for my daily visit and will try to answer the question. A very large amount of this was discussed in my interview with The Brothers Williamson at The documentary movie they produced comes out this week and is titled Rebellion of Thought, Post Modernism, The Search for Authentic Faith.

    It is one of my favorite interviews, say outside Jack and Spider, and there are some very interesting concepts presented. For all 'thinkers' out there I would highly recommend the documentary, even for those who are not people of faith. It is one of the better documentaries I have seen this year.

    Now as to my thoughts, personally, I think that discovering ways to reach your community is essential, whether individuals in divorce, or involved in Rock N Roll, or anything in between. How we do that becomes the point of question. My personal belief, any faith, that compromises the basics and essentials of ones faith isn't really faith.

    While I would agree with your assumption, it is a fine line, again, we must find ways to relate, without compromising on the foundations of belief. That is actually why I have respect for so many who are not Christian, at least they don't compromise what they believe, of course the search for honest discourse is of vital importance for all of us.

    I think my review of Rebellion of Thought is featured at HJ right now but that changes from day to day, check it out for the review there if need be. Again, very appropriate to the discussion here and again, the documentary, produced by Paladin Productions is wonderful at causing thought, it will be dissed by many in the church because of the views presented, but that doesn't keep the views from being off base imho.
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    Default Re: Divorce-An Evangelical Rethink

    Mike I agree that we have to be able to present the bible to a new generation in an inovative way. But like you said we can not comprimise the truth and standards of the faith in order to persuade others. It isnt Burger King after all, you cant have it your way.

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