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Thread: It wasn't hard for Nietzche to inspire Hitler

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    Default It wasn't hard for Nietzche to inspire Hitler

    I don't think Nietzche necessarily would favor Nazi Germany's conquest but I it is shocking how his drivel is similar to Hitler's

    Some general points I picked up on Nietzche so far.

    He was a big time Nihilist, meaning he was advocating people are disinterested in the current world due to advance in science and as a result broken down religious beliefs about the universe.

    He advised for talented people to take action as they saw fit to advance this world according to their needs and wishes. He felt men of action were the most important.

    He advised to let the sick and disadvantaged alone and let nature deal with them as it pleases.

    He despised communities because he argued they held the most talented people back.

    He thought war was great where the chosen people were separated from the unworthy and therefore won their lease on life.

    Life is not a given right but must be won on the battlefield so to speak.
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